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Pilo, Ilaria and their team of amazing instructors use Afro-Caribbean and Latin music and dance to promote fitness, health and wellbeing, cultural awareness and community cohesion.

"EVERYBODY fits in"

As you'll find with the Caribbean and Latin culture of inclusivity, everyone is invited, no matter who you are. It's not about fitness, they enjoy it simply for the love of moving your body, whatever body you have!

Beginners or experts love it

Any age welcome

Suitable for all fitness levels

Our awesome features
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The Studio

Piloxercise Studios is just one of many locations you'll be able to workout! It's an utterly unique space where exercise blends perfectly with pleasure. You can be whoever you want to be, no disapproving glances, rolled eyeballs, tuts or sighs 'round their place!

What is Move?

At Move, we believe that variety, convenience and community are the pillars of wellness. Move is One Membership to discover and book all sorts of local fitness venues, activities and instructors all in one place. We team up with local businesses just like Piloxercise to help them keep you active for life!


We've created a special membership price for people who love Piloxercise. Try it out with your first 7 days for just £1 and then you'll roll onto our special edition membership. Get access to Piloxercise and 100s of other activities too - cancel anytime online in the Move app.

£8.99 /wk
SPECIAL EDITION membership plan includes
  • 3 workouts per week plus tasters of other classes too
  • All PILOXERCISE studios classes
  • Tribu13 workouts
  • All Carnival workout classes across other venues
  • 100s more activities on Move
  • On-demand videos from Piloxercise, Les Mills and more
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